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5 Steps To Rolling Stock Profits: 



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Within our Rolling Stock Trading Tutorial, you will learn how to find and analyze rolling stocks (otherwise known as Channeling or Swing Stocks"), identifying the type of rolling stock, and how one would potentially trade it.

For years, we have been providing our eBook to Channeling / Rolling Stock Investors and is updated weekly.

You'll find hundreds of resources, including rolling stock trading forums, software analysis programs, pick sources, free independent  non-publicized rolling stock mailing lists to subscribe to, plus so much more.

With years of experience trading these types of stocks, you can rest assured that you will have the knowledge behind you when looking to buy into these types of stocks.


Below, you will find a 5-point breakdown that has worked in finding and analyzing rolling stocks that oscillate between two common price points.


As a free bonus, you will also receive a Guide to Swing Trading featured below.



1.)  Find A Rolling Stock - We provide a special list of rolling stock pick resource boards, where you can easily find a rolling penny stock in just a few minutes.  Keep in mind, it does not have to be any specific kind of rolling stock.   The only requirement is that the stock fluctuates or oscillates between 2 price points fairly consistently.  The resource boards we direct you to are maintained very well, and the investors are dedicated rolling stock traders.  Many of the resources that we list in the ebook are basically unknown.  The people who know about them are making money, and they want to keep it a secret for as long as possible as they are niche communities.

2.)  Trading Education - O.K., you may have found a rolling penny stock similar to the one on the front page of our site, but you must learn how to trade the stock profitably, with minimized risk.  We break down and define various forms of Rolling Stocks, and show you how they react during stock plays.  Whichever rolling stock you do come across, our Unique Rolling Stock Definition Reference Card will tell you what kind of rolling stock it is, and tips on how to play the stock profitably.   We are a group of individual investors with many years of successful stock market experience, "through trial and error methods", and consider ourselves experts.  We show you step-by-step all of what we know, and how to profit from it!

3.)  Analytical Preparation - This step is one of the most important aspects we cover in our online ebook tutorial. This is a step traders often skip!  It is most crucial to execute this step in order to minimize your risks, and maximize your profits.   It is the most important because, before any actual trading can take place, you must Analyze the actual trade in your mind and on paper, to get a better understanding of the stock's trading scenario.  The reason for this is simple:  Once stock purchase is made, you must know what to do, even if you were blind folded throughout the trading day.  The reason why many traders lose money in the markets, or don't make significant amounts is because they're trying to hit a home run without taking any practice swings.  When you find a rolling stock, you must watch it for a couple days, couple weeks, or even a couple of months to understand how the stock is reacting during market sessions.  Once you read this simple step, you then possess what many rolling stock traders out there don't.  The key to making consistent profits in the markets is through Analytical Preparation.

4.)  Psychological Training - Now that you've got a knowledge-base for your trading sessions, the next step is to actually practice in a real-time stock trading game environment.  There are a few decent Stock Trade Investment Challenges that work in conjunction with the real stock market environment.  Basically, you're given an (x) amount of imaginary dollars.  Your goal is of course to buy and sell stocks profitably, and ultimately grow those monies in a simulated real-world stock market environment.  Now, you're not really buying or selling shares in the actual stock market(s), but simulating real time trades on their servers with up-to-the-second real-time numbers.  Now, the information in our packet, and these simulated trading sessions will train you Psychologically, before you start placing real trades.  This move is key to turn consistent profits from the markets.  All is very simple, and any individual who implements our step-by-step methods will see profits, regardless of market conditions.

5.)  Show Time (The Final Step) - By now you will possess powerful Rolling Stock Trading Knowledge, and you're ready to place real trades.  We provide a list of the top Penny Stock/Small Cap/Mid-Cap/Blue Chip brokers.  Here's the key:  We provide a list of brokers, corresponding to the price points the Rolling Stock is currently trading at.  For example, rolling stocks that are priced between, .001, and $1, xxxxx broker is best.  For rolling stocks that are priced at $1-$5, xxxxx broker is best, and so on.....  In our packet, we also recommend brokers, for specific kinds of Rolling Stocks.  By reading this section, you will have a superior understanding which broker and real time quote service to use.  There are other tactics we use for efficient trading also.  


As a special promotion throughout the rest of this year, we will be offering "A Practical Guide To Swing Trading" eBook by Larry Swing, as a Free Bonus with our Rolling Stock Trading  Guide - eBook  purchase.  Larry's revolutionary eBook has proved itself to be very effective and his tactics and advice in this fabulous ebook are relied upon by thousands of online swing, wave and rolling stock traders throughout every trading day.  Whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert trader, we are confident that this amazing eBook will impress you as much as it has us.  eBook is available for download within the Members Area.

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